Friday, March 18, 2011

Full movie - The perfect hideout

Full movie - The perfect hideout - Nick and Celia are in love and have big dreams. They both want to start a better life in the US. But Nick's former partners in crime don't want to let him fly off unless he pays his debts. Under pressure Nick robs a gas station and by accident shoots a young police officer. Now the young couple are in deep trouble. On the run from the police they hide in a nearby villa. With the Special Forces Unit quickly on the scene, Nick takes the surprised owner of the villa, Victor von Hartenberg, as a hostage. He is their last option to escape. Celia is scared and devastated. But things get even worse. The Special Forces are storming the house as Nick and Celia discover the bodies of a massacred family in the dining room. Is it possible their hostage is not a loving family guy, but a brutal serial killer? Nick and Celia are trapped; the Police outside-Victor inside. From now on, there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide!

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